Hatsune Dale [12.21.12, 5:01pm] I've been looking through all pictures on your blog, and these are ones of my favourite of your work. Beautiful.

Rene Michaud [3.16.11, 6:19pm] AMAZING! You captured the beautiful event perfectly!

wei [6.2.10, 11:48am] well, what more can i say that hasn't been said already. great work, alan!

Virginia [5.7.10, 8:36pm] Alan, your photo story made me cry. What an incredible 25th birthday party. You captured her day perfectly!

janet [4.20.10, 8:39pm] most spectacular event i have ever see, Awesome pic. you are a talented photographer. Do you knowwothe event planner is?

Vanessa Day [4.14.10, 8:55pm] Wow. What incredible moments captured. I love the last one.


emilie [4.14.10, 10:29am] brought tears to my eyes

Sharon [4.9.10, 8:21am] The images of the beautiful princess and her fabulous party are so precious!

Angie Spencer [4.5.10, 4:46pm] Wonderful photos Alan! You captured the feel of the pink princess party perfectly!

crackle [4.3.10, 4:43pm] what a great party to be at - awesome images as always Alan. Hope the family is well - email if you make the Flathead trip this year. All the best Crackle

Lindsay Krzepkowski [4.2.10, 12:44am] What a wonderful privilege it was to bring together this event with the Lynn Fletcher Weddings team - and for such a wonderful person. Michelle, her amazing family and their terrific friends made this such a special night - memories to last a lifetime!

M [4.2.10, 12:03am] What an amazing party for a beautiful young woman!! Alan, you rock as always, but this is some of your best work.

Sarah [4.1.10, 3:08pm] Gorgeous Party! I dont know the birthday girl, but she is obviously loved. Very lovely evening and photos!

Kirstie [4.1.10, 2:45pm] Alan the photographs are gorgeous!!! You photograph with your heart. The love that is felt for the birthday princess is tear inspiring. Lynn rocks! Breathtaking decor.

Shannon Hilton [4.1.10, 12:11pm] Absolutely spectacular. Amazing images, amazing decor, amazing day for a real Princess. Love it.

Terra Law [4.1.10, 11:38am] Wow! Alan, you captured this special party and the love and excitement in the room like no one else. I was completely moved looking at these photos. Lynn and her team outdid themselves again. Breathtaking!

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