Michael L [10.7.12, 11:34am] Very nice work can't wait to see more if you need to hire assistant , I will love to work for you.

Joy Florell [12.14.09, 10:20am] Wow, love your work, just stumbled upon it today. I would be very interested to know about your "must have's" for equipment and lighting. If you do decide to do a workshop in the near future, please be sure to tell me. God bless Joy

Jeannine [11.5.09, 12:52am] What are your primary lens? Your work is spectacular. Thanks ahead.

shannon [7.12.09, 9:23pm] Hi Alan, I was wondering if you would be willing to share where you have your coffee table albums printed. They are so beautiful.

Erica [3.24.09, 6:27pm] Hi Alan, Love your work. I was curious what your off-camera strobe set up is. It looks very beautiful and natural. Thanks! Erica

Chad Pennington [5.11.08, 9:15pm] Hey Alan what's up man. Let me ask - on your outdoor pics for events do you use off camera flash if so can you show the set up or at least please explain. I am the guy the also has the 5D as well.

ALan Maudie [4.20.08, 5:32pm] Shannon, I don't have any plans at the moment to do workshops. I did offer them a few years ago, but for landscape photography. They are a lot of work and at the moment I don't have the time for them. I am sure some day I will have a bit more time and will likely offer something at that point. But nothing for now, sorry.

Alan Maudie [4.20.08, 5:29pm] Tony, I don't have any first hand experience with the D300, but it sounds like a great camera. My first 10 years in photography were with film SLR's so I really became comfortable with the full frame focal lengths and could never get used to a cropped sensor on cameras like the D300. I have been using the Canon 5D for a while now, mainly because it is a full frame sensor. I don't really like the camera much though, it is really slow and the auto focus is pretty lame, but the image quality is amazing.

Shannon [4.8.08, 10:24pm] Have you ever considered doing workshops?

Tony [3.14.08, 9:44pm] What camera do you shoot with? I am considering buying a Nikon D300. Is it worth the cash? I am a hobbyist, not a pro.