Lisa Lacroix [12.20.08, 8:31pm] Congrats on the new baby, they are the best!!! Meghan is a total hottie!!! I will send some positive vibes southward. Nurses rock! (I should know I am one)

Sean and Karen [12.19.08, 7:05pm] Congrats on the baby boy; what a wonderful Christmas gift. We are due for our fourth and final April 2. So happy for you guys!

Keri Doolittle [12.18.08, 7:52pm] BEAUTIFUL pics!! Congrats on the new baby!! Baby Doolittle is due in about 5 more weeks here in Phoenix! :-)

NANCY HANA [12.16.08, 9:11am] Congrats on #3!! We are along that route too, #3 due in June. Beautiful pics, as always!

Cathy and David [12.15.08, 9:42am] He's so so so so cute!!!!! :)

Karen Dean [12.13.08, 3:02pm] Hey Alan- congratulations on the latest addition to your family! No idea that was in the works. What fun! Beautiful photos, as usual!

Jasen [12.13.08, 1:56pm] Congrats to both you and Suzanne.

Kirstie [12.13.08, 1:16pm] Congratulations on your baby boy!! Meghan is beautiful and her little boy is so stylish and cute.

Vincci [12.13.08, 9:57am] Congrats on the baby boy! And I love your photos of Suzanne and Kael. She looks like a beautiful person inside and out!