Nichole Johnson [9.20.09, 12:22pm] Dr. Johnson I finally showed my family your AMAZING photos and they loved them!!

Fabiola H [7.7.09, 6:36pm] Two lives joined in friendship now jointed in marriage may they be blessed forever. Thank You

nicole Anhel [6.6.09, 9:37pm] Alan, I love how you have captured the spirit of Nicole & Dennis! Take care:)

Shafeena [5.25.09, 5:38pm] Dr. Johnson - you look gorgeous! Congrats...great wedding photos!

Marsha [5.24.09, 10:16pm] You captured in pictures what everyone was feeling. Beautiful and magnificant pictures!!

Stacy [5.22.09, 6:13pm] The dancing photos are awesome! What a fun looking wedding!

Sergei Belski [5.22.09, 12:23pm] Very beautiful photographs!