Cheryl Cronin [3.5.09, 12:06pm] Absolutely beautiful work!!!

Mona [3.3.09, 11:43pm] oh mein gott, SEXY SOCKS! SEXY LIB, thomas loves your wodden ski, I love your rings, your dress, the cake! wohoooo did you have a wedding planer? Seems like you guys had THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so happy for you 2! all the best from Vienna my dear dear friend!!!! love, Mona & Thomas

Nancy Hana [2.26.09, 8:51am] Love his socks and her boots :) Also love your outdoor shots with flash, love that effect.

Krystal Radlinski [2.23.09, 11:54am] Those outdoor scenic portraits are Gorgeous!

Penny and Kyle [2.21.09, 4:04pm] Absolutely stunning!! It was a perfect day and you have amazing pictures to show for it. All I can say is "wow, beautiful" Alan does great work. Congratulations again.