Lauren [6.15.09, 12:58pm] Wow!! First off, I'm so jealous that you got to see all the behind the scenes!! And second, I want a shot of espresso so bad right now it's not even funny. That means these photos sure did their job well :) Awesome stuff, really beautiful and unique shots of such a cool place.

craig stodola [5.19.09, 8:01am] I love your work, but this was simply an amazing visual story of the Kicking Horse Café. Thanks for sharing. c

Kait -Greetings from Illinois [5.15.09, 7:59am] I always enjoy your stories that go with the photos.. they make me feel like i was there... This one is sure makingh me want some coffee!!!

Sergei Belski [5.3.09, 12:10am] Great job Alan! Very beautiful photographs, shows the whole process very nicely!

Alan "another cap please" Maudie [4.30.09, 5:30pm] Thanks for the nice words guys. I have never drank so much espresso as I did editing this shoot :)

Matt Graham [4.30.09, 4:32pm] Wow Alan, such superb shots. It makes me want to grab a coffee!! I'm enjoying the 17-40mm lens you sold me!

Vanessa Day [4.30.09, 4:13pm] stunning it

David [4.30.09, 1:56pm] Alan, Such fabulous shots of the art and craft of creating coffee. I think you've done one hellova job. I know that because while looking through the images, my mouth started to water and something in my head made me want some. Cheers, David