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Tuesday, December 23, 2008  |  Wedding
Erin and Dustin

I have photographed Dustin as a groomsman, then as a brother of the bride and finally as the groom. Erin and Dustin's wedding felt like a family reunion or something since there were so many people I knew there. It made for a pretty fun day.

We started off at the Palliser Hotel in Calgary where both the bride and groom were getting ready.

One of Erin's nephews.

Erin's shoes.

Erin's smile is kind of alright.

Dustin's dad Ron. Ron is probably my all time favourite Father of the Bride or Groom. He's always emotional. Some of you will remember him from Dustin's sister Jarret's wedding last fall :::: Jarret and Tyson :::: I was quite sad that he didn't do his Johnny Cash performance for Dustin's wedding, but I guess you have to know when to retire a good act.

The Grandmas. Good genes eh?

The kissing game involved trying to throw a paper airplane farther than the bride or groom. Generally speaking, it doesn't seem that girls spent a lot of time in elementary school working on their paper airplane skills. I was probably making paper airplanes during grammar classes, which would explain why I break the grammar rules just about every sentence....

First dance. Reception was at Glen Eagles.

Erin and her dad.


Saturday, December 13, 2008  |  Portrait Session
Meghan and Kael + Some News

Meghan is a good friend of ours (Suzanne grew up with her) and I love photographing her son Kael, he’s a pretty cute little guy. You have to love Meghan’s take on life, she loves mountain biking and the outdoors, has done a lot of traveling and recently spent a bit of time in Thailand volunteering her nursing skills delivering babies. So we were really excited when we showed up at the Foothills hospital last week for the delivery of our third child and found out that Meghan was going to be in the OR for the C-section. Nurses are amazing people, whenever I am around them I feel unimportant and pretty much useless. We had some great nurses during our short stay, many thanks.

I was joking to Meghan that I should mention on my blog that she’s single (and obviously easy on the eyes) and I guess I just did. So if you know any high calibre potential bachelors let me know! I’m not joking.

p.s., we had a baby boy and everyone is home and healthy and doing well.


Monday, December 1, 2008  |  Wedding
Erica and Dennis

A bride in a red Kimono, fall colors, and a wedding at the River Cafe!

Erica having her Kimono put on. It was a surprisingly violent event. The Kimono installer (that's not an official term, I just made it up, but it's pretty accurate) had the strength of 5 large men. She basically pulled and pushed Erica around until she had things just right.

Erica's mom.

...and you thought your dress was expensive

Dennis seeing Erica for the first time.

At the River Cafe, which is one of my favourite restaurants.

They came down the aisle together, which was really cool.

Erica's parents.

Just after the first kiss.

Sake ceremony.

Erica's sister (middle) Andrea is the Restaurant Manager at the River Cafe. These are her best friends. Not sure how they stay so skinny with that kind of connection.

I think the party was pretty good.


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