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Monday, April 28, 2008  |  Wedding
VIBE 98-5 $98,000 Dream Wedding

Once again it was a pleasure to get to work with some of the finest artist and vendors in the Calgary wedding market. I could say a lot about them, but the thing I like the most is that everyone I dealt with was just so friendly and genuinely cared about the couple. If you are curious to see who was involved, check out the Dream Wedding website.

I also would like to thank Christine, Jon, and their family and friends, who all treated me like a family member. You are too kind.

The wedding was graciously hosted by Hotel Arts, which I was really excited about because not only is its designer boutique-style interior like a candy store for photographers, it also has some of the best food in town.

A portrait of the groom, pool side.

The guys looking good thanks to a qualified tuxedo specialists at Cameo and Cufflinks and hair styling by Influence Salon.

I was at Cameo and Cufflinks when Christine was trying on dresses and this was my favourite of the ones I had seen. She looked amazing.

I love the decor in the rooms at Hotel Arts. It seems I am just starting to have some fun and then we have to rush off for the wedding:)

The world class team from Table Talk was the creative force behind designing and executing this wedding. Its amazing watching them work and seeing what they can produce. This is the ceremony venue which was "flipped" to become the reception venue later in the day.

Christine and Jonathan's son with his Grandma. I don't know if it was planned, or coincidence, but it I thought it was cool that his soother strap matched the groomsmen red.

Another wedding, another traumatized little boy.

A very solid first kiss.

I wanted to incorporate the Icon Limousine and its cool doors into the shoot.

The reception room was just dripping with color and class.

I love photographing the cakes by Cake Creations.

The big entrance.

Guys during a speech.


Saturday, April 26, 2008  |  Wedding
Sarah and Jason

I had been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. I grew up with Jason in Cranbrook, B.C. We played junior hockey together and along with a close group of friends managed to find lots of trouble and adventure during our teen years.

So I was really excited to find out they planned on having their wedding at the Bull River Guest Ranch, near Cranbrook. They were pushing their luck a bit with the weather, but in the end it all worked out.

Where the girls got ready.

From Sarah's bouquet.

Sarah looked amazing.

The groomsmen caravan. This wedding respected East Kootenay tradition.

Sarah and her dad coming down the aisle.

The groom on the verge.

Life doesn't get much better for little girls.

After ceremony hug from one of the bridesmaids.

Myself on the right, my life long friend Ryan Cain, and Jas. There is 30+ years of history behind this photo and I could literally write pages. If you took the best parts of the movies Stand by Me, A River Runs Through It, and a bit of Rudy, you would have a pretty good idea of what growing up in the East Kootenays was like with these guys.

For the record, I am holding an ice tea. Cainer has a pair of binoculars around his neck, because he keeps them in his truck. It's a Cranbrook thing. I think he was looking for sheep while I was photographing the bride and groom. You don't see that too often at a city wedding.

Back to the program.

Jas is Plumber, so I couldn't resist this one. Is that not the biggest piece of PVC you have ever seen?

The reception decorations were perfect.

Just after the best man giving his toast. Lots of tears in the room.


Thursday, April 17, 2008  |  News
Kensington Riverside Inn

We spend a lot of time in Kensington. Mainly because some of our staples are down there ( Janice Beaton's Fine Cheese, The Kensington Wine Market, and of course Crave). I had heard all about the Kensington Riverside Inn but had never been in it.

So, I was curious to see what it was all about when I joined Christine and Jon for a drink to kick off their Stag/Staggette. I didn't know this, but their lounge and restaurant are open to the public. Here is what their manager asked to pass on:

The Chef's Side Table is a great new restaurant specializing in five-course tasting menus for dinner and special 3-course lunch menus. It is open daily to the public and features extended breakfast hours on the weekends. Reservations are recommended at or (403) 228-4442. The fireside lounge is also open to the public and, once the weather warms up, we’ll open up the patio so that Calgarians can come and enjoy our eclectic wine selections and the different items prepared by Chef Theo Yeaman.

Fireside Lounge. Just out those doors is a great patio facing the river.

Chef's Table.

Oysters and foie gras, not your typical Stag fair.

Funny and true.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008  |  Engagement
Julianne and Lachlin

Julianne told me at that start of their portrait session that she doesn't like having her photo taken. I started laughing after taking the first few photos because her smile is perfect. She's a "photogenic-ism sandbagger" (I feel so much better now that I have a label for that). Anyways, the shoot was great and needless to say I am anticipating good things at their wedding.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008  |  Engagement
Christine and Jon

Christine and Jon are the Vibe 98.5 Dream Wedding contest winners. The package they won from us included an engagement portrait session. I had a blast with them on their session. They are like a blank canvas, open to anything and really easy to photograph.

We started off by not being able to find each other and eventually tracked each other down at this drive-thru. They were actually in the car, at the drive-thru window when I found them.

Like I said, they are a lot of fun.


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