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Wednesday, July 30, 2008  |  Wedding
Rita and Dal

Dal was the youngest of 7 kids on our street growing up, so we've all been looking forward to his wedding for quite a while.

We spent a few days on Kootenay Lake for his stag before the wedding, which was in Rossland, B.C. This photo pretty much sums up what went on during the stag.

Wedding day... the guys getting ready. Dal is a connoisseur of fine films like Fubar, so I had to spin this one a little. If you haven't seen Fubar, this won't mean much.

Dal has gone through a few "hobby" changes in his day. At one time he was a vegetarian skater. It was probably more of an excuse to live off nachos and beer, but he did actually get pretty good on the board. Then when he moved to Rossland he got into the triathlon scene, now he does sub 10 hour Ironmans and eats burgers. Any ways, I knew there was no way he was going to wear a normal suit, so I was pretty pumped to see that Volcom was his tailor.

True to form, there was no "tucking in".

A bit more from Volcom.

Rita and Dal's dog, Mr. Tibbs.

The wedding ceremony was held on a hill above town. There was a lot of musical talent all day long. The Hillbilly Band was really cool.

Father of the Groom after the ceremony. The apple landed right next to the tree.

Dal's big brother Ryan stopped growing at 5'10 and change. He likes to tell people he's 6'0. On his tippy toes next to Dal at 6'4".

This a tunnel for the cross country ski trails that goes under the highway. Rita and Dal said they had some history here, but they wouldn't give me any more details.

During the speeches.


Friday, July 25, 2008  |  Wedding
Cortney and Morgan

These two were VERY happy to get married and I soaked it up like warm sun. It was so much fun being around them and their friends and family.

Cortney getting ready.

Alternate groomsmen.



Morgan watching Cortney come down the aisle.

Ring bearer congrats hug.

I am usually pretty savvy about these things, but this time I just stood there like a deer in the head lights. This is what happens when a really bad idea is executed really well.

The guys.

The girls.

The couple.


Friday, July 18, 2008  |  Outdoor Adventure
Commercial Work

Here are a few images from commercial jobs I have worked on during the last month.

Two from the Cranbrook area for a new golf course.

Fisher Peak on the left and The Steeples on the right.

Two from a different shoot for a Calgary developer.


Friday, July 18, 2008  |  Engagement
Jocelynne and James

I visited Jocelynne and James on their farm, southeast of the city for a portrait session. They are getting married in August. It was a classic Alberta summer evening. Thanks guys.

Wildrose Country


Wednesday, July 16, 2008  |  Wedding
Natalie and Dean

I've spent the better part of the last month in B.C., which is ok with me because they have been having great weather while Calgary seems to be stuck in a cold-wet slump. During this time I made my way over to Oliver in the Okanagan for Natalie and Deans wedding on Dean's family ranch. When I saw the brides "shoes" (below) I knew I was going to have a fun day.

Wine country.

Detail of the brides "shoes" and the rings.


The wedding venue and the bride's entourage arriving.

Dean's grandma was the nicest person I think I have ever met. Her grandkids treat her like royalty.

Just after their first kiss.

A few portraits on the ranch.

The reception was outstanding. Guests wandered around the grounds with their wine and the kids did laps around the tent fueled by a huge dessert spread.

Dean's brother t(r)oasting.

Enjoying the evening.

There was a dance floor under the tent, but the DJ had a tough time getting people to come in and use it.


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