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Friday, July 27, 2012  |  Wedding
Christie and Jeremy - Calgary Wedding Photography

A perfect fall wedding for a perfect couple. I know I am always going on about how nice my couples are, but seriously, these guys are the type of people who I bet have never complained about anything in their entire life. They are ranchers, but also work in the city, so the plan was for a "Country meet's City" wedding. Lynn Fletcher Weddings delivered it to them with a smile. It's always amazing to see these ladies at work. Crazy talent.

The area northwest of Cochrane has some of my favourite scenery in Alberta (and riding too), so I was excited to hear that the ceremony for this wedding was going to take place up there. The day was kind of chilly and there was low cloud, but it ended up complimenting the scenery well.

Here's a few of my favourites.

Bride's bousquet and shoes. You know your going to have a good day when you start off shooting these "wedding shoes"!

Girls getting ready.

Flower girl and the Bride and Groom's dog.

Guys details.

Wardrobe adjustment.

Thistle, the perfect compliment to a ranch wedding!

B + G just before ceremony.

Lynn Fletcher Weddings

Like Gatorade, but better.

Rancher's don't leave gates open.

Decor by Lynn Fletcher Weddings at Hotel Arts, Calgary.

Loved how the heavy burlap looking table clothes brought some country to the city.

Center pieces (right) built by the groom!

I don't know if I've ever taken a photo on a dance floor I like more.

Wedding party.



Thursday, July 19, 2012  |  Wedding
Adriana and Geoff - Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Wedding Photography

This was truly a memorable day for me and I felt really privileged to tell this wedding story. It is hard to leave so much out in these short blog posts where there are hundreds of great images that get cut, but here are my favourites.

The ceremony and reception took place in the Eagles Eye Restaurant at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, B.C. I started off with the girls where they were getting ready in a beautiful house built by none other than Adriana's soon to be in laws, who are custom home builders.

The guys were getting ready on top of the hill in the restaurant and that's where I met up with them.

The groom Geoff on the right and his brother and nephew on the left.

Geoff and his best man as Adriana comes down the aisle. A lifetime of stories here in this single photo.

Geoff's parents and his Grandpa.

Some very happy newlyweds!

It is so inspiring to see parents excited for their kids. Geoff's parents as the bride and groom enter the room.

Grandpa's speech.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012  |  Wedding
Lindsay and Ian - Calgary Wedding Photography

Its official, my blog is now totally out of chronological order. It is kind of exciting really, you might tune in next week and find a fall wedding! As always, only new posts will go up, and I blog everything so eventually your wedding/shoot will be here.

A few days into a heat wave and its hard to remember just how wet it was this past June. Lindsay and Ian somehow managed to get through their whole wedding day with only a few drops of rain. It was impressive considering how much moisture was in the air.

The day ran smoothly thanks to the lovely ladies from (it's all in the) Details and the decor really suited the setting for this country wedding near Priddis.

Grandma's broach.


Mom and Dad and a near makeup disaster.


The groom getting adjusted.

(it's all in the) Details

Just barely holding back the tears.

Ian's parents watching on during the vows.

Portrait session refreshments, girls and guys. The guys beer even matched their ties.

Jumbo group shot.

(it's all in the) Details

Head Table

Ian taking some time during the ceremony to visit his grandma, nice to see.

It was a nice surprise to see and familiar face, Krista's sister and Maid of Honor, Tanya. For guys, food is always more important that photos :)

First dance.

Rings on the OSB sub floor in the tent. A bunch of their friends gathered before the wedding to build the floor for the party. An older guest was not too pleased to see me taking a photo of their rings on the "dirty floor". I tried to explain the potential significance of it but.......


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